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* Energy healing is not a substitute for care and/or diagnosis by certified medical professionals.  While it is highly effective in enhancing your overall health and your ability to receive other treatments, it is not meant to replace seeing your health care provider.  All forms of healing may require more than 1 session to reach optimum results.

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Light worker
Fortune Telling

Healing Options:

  • Physical, mental and emotional pain or trauma

  • Illness

  • DNA

  • Chakra optimizing

  • Body system optimizing

  • Past life and existences

  • Energy balancing 

  • Attachment removal

  • Negativity Clearing

  • 3rd eye opening- increasing your psychic and healing abilities

  • Space clearing

  • Paranormal Investigations


Don't see what you are looking for?  Message Kayla to ask about other options available.



What is Energy Healing?

Distance:  Can be done remotely without ever meeting.  This works through your energy field no matter where you are or what you request to have healed. 


Hands- on:  In person contact method of sending energy through the body and energy field for healing.  Kayla is guided to points of need in your system.


Hands- off:  In person non- touching method of healing where the healer's hands are kept a few inches from the body but are still able to work in your energy field for healing.

Spiritual Energy Healing
​is a form of alternative medicine that uses the channeling of energy to heal the physical body at higher levels of being.  This form of healing heals the body as a whole; physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  
The healing process can be performed using unique variations of distance,  hands-on and  hands-off methods depending on the needs and preferences of the individual.

*Payments are non-refundable.  Appointments may be rescheduled once only. There is a $10 cancelation fee if  48 hour notice is not provided for the cancelation.  Payments must be made before services will be fulfilled.



 Chakra Optimizing

Energy healing can be sent anywhere in the world.  Rev. Kayla Rae's healing methods work on all aspects and levels of the body including physical ailments/injury, energy balancing and overall system balancing.  These methods can also heal DNA and re-energize you, helping you to reach optimal health and wellbeing.
You may request healing for specific ailments or conditions or request to have healing sent to another person, also.  Every healing is unique to the individual and their needs and sessions may vary.
What are Chakras?
Chakras are centers of energy aligned with in and above and below your body.  When these energy centers are off balance or out of alignment it can affect your physiological body and over all health and energy balance.
Often times only the 7 main Chakras are addressed in healings and balancing  but, Rev. Kayla Rae makes sure to include the many other Chakras around your body allowing you to find optimal balance. 
This form of Chakra healing is very beneficial for energy workers as well.  

1 Distance or In Person Healing Session- $70.00 for first hour
               $50.00 per extra hour

Chakra Optimizing Session Distance or In Person - $50.00

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Negativity Clearing

Intuitive Hot Stone Healing

Throughout our lifetime attachments and other forms of negativity present themselves to us.  These attachments and negativity hold us back from reaching our full potential in relationships, work, overall well being and more.  Having these attachments removed from you can open new horizons of positivity and opportunity in your life.
Often links to past lives can be found in this life that are limiting your potential.  Rev. Kayla Rae can help you become free from these bonds.  Rev. Kayla Rae  works through your guides and angels to determine what is meant to be removed and what should stay to give you the best results.  These choices are not made by Rev. Kayla Rae, but rather fulfilled by her.
You may also request a negativity clearing for another person.

Energy healing session including the use of hot and/ or cold stones and crystals to enhance you experience.  The stone therapy adds a calming and rejuvenating element to the traditional energy healing method.  

Hot and/or cold stones are intuitively placed on the body to help meet your optimal healing goal. 

*This service is available in person only.

Hot stone and Crystal healing

1 Negativity Clearing Session- $60.00

Intuitive Hot Stone Healing-  


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Space Clearings & 


Remote Space Clearing

OR Blessings



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Have Rev. Kayla Rae remove any negative energy from your house or work place and bring in new, pure and positive energy.  Reset your intentions to get what you want out of life and feel better in your space.
Rev. Kayla Rae will leave your space cleansed, balanced and energized.  Space clearing is available remotely and on location depending on your needs.
Space blessings are a wonderful personalized gift for any first time home owner or some one who has purchased a new home!

*On Location Space Clearing,Negativity Clearing and Blessings available.  Costs upon request.

To combine multiple healing methods in one session, for example, Remote Energy Healing and House Clearing session, Please use this option for paying and list the services you are interested. You may also use this option for alternative methods of healing as discussed with Rev. Kayla Rae ahead of time. 

Combination Services

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 Rev. Kayla Rae comes to you in the comfort of your location for a variety of spiritual party fun.

Reading  & Healing Parties:

A great way to gather your friends and family and share a night of private readings. s  Minimum of 5 ( NOT including the host) people depending on location.  The host gets a free reading or healing.  Prices are: $35 for 15 minute readings, $55 for 30 minute readings, $40 for party healing session.  You are welcome to have refreshments for your guest while waiting and have fun.  Individuals can choose the length of their reading and/or if they want a healing session- mix and match for everyone's needs.  Travel costs may be required depending on location.

Investigation Parties:

Do you have an active house, land or location and would like an explanation and be able to understand why?  If your family and friends are aware and curious about their experiences there too, this is a great way to bring everyone together for a private investigation.  We come right to you and will work with you and your guests to see what is going on, why and what (if anything) needs to be done.

This is not your TV, come in and provoke type of investigation.  This is a friendly educational experience specific to your needs. 

Prices and more info upon request.

For event information contact Rev. Kayla Rae directly to discuss details.

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