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For more information or questions on healings or readings, please contact Kayla here.

Appointments for healings or readings with Kayla will be scheduled after payment has been received.  Once payment is received you will receive an email to schedule your service of choice.  Healings, readings  and other services are nonrefundable.

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       "When I heard Kayla was offering healings, I decided to give it a try.  What did I have to lose?  Prior to my healing/ negativity clearing I had been feeling scattered, a lack of closure from events in m y life, deep hurt, mourning from health issues (including physical pain), and anxiety.  I was done fighting for what I wanted to have in my life.

      This was my first experience with spiritual/ energy healing.  I could feel static energy, warmth and overall calmness running through my body.  I began to feel pulled together and centered- all of my pieces coming together.  After this healing I have the contentment and peace of mind of everything being handled by a higher power.  I know this is where I am supposed to be at this time and now feel forgiveness and peace.  This has also opened up the channel for me to form a new romantic relationship with self respect leading the way."

        -K.J.- Springville, NY




       "Thank you to Ms Kayla Rae Birch for the beautiful work you do. Miracles happen. I am so grateful for you!"

Home Residence& Family, Wisconsin


        "Kayla, was able to remove all the negative that was attached to me! I was not even near her when she did her healing! However within 24 hours I felt better than I had in a long time and my luck keeps getting better and better! Highly recommend her to anyone!"

-Jennifer, Tonawanda, NY


          "I had the delight of having Kayla work on me recently. We spoke of troubling relationships and feelings of negativity that were new to me. She offered to help with a healing. This was my first experience, and I was more than intrigued. She gave me a sense of lightness immediately. Since then, I feel more of a sense of contentedness, a feeling of forgiveness towards myself and others, protection from those seeking to do harm, as well as a acceptance of where I am right now. It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience."

         -B.K.- Williamsburg, VA



        "Kayla, I just wanted to say thank you.  A mutual friend of ours informed you of some things that were going on after you had viewed a recent picture that was taken of me.  As a result of your long distance cleansing, the negativity has been lifted and there is a relaxed atmosphere once again.  Thank you so very much!"

        -Cathy, Texas


       "Kayla, your gift of healing has improved my physical health and well-being. I am no longer in pain and can now enjoy my life again. Thank you!"

         -Linda, VWilliamsburg, VA

       "I was experiencing jaw pain for a long time and arthritis pain in feet ankles and knees . After Kayla did a healing on me the jaw pain was gone and joint pains greatly diminished. Thanks Kayla for your HELP"

        -R.B., North Tonawanda, NY

      "I wanted to give you an update on the reading you did for me.  You had said that I should start doing Reiki on animals.  So, I became a volunteer at my local shelter and visit every Sunday.  We have already seen positive changes in the ones worked with.

Also, at my job, we have been seeing more patients that would benefit from it, so the therapists are adding it on.  Some of those patients, who are being discharged, are also asking me if I would come to their house for more sessions!  I haven’t done it yet, but it’s coming!

 If you are ever back at Goddess Elite, or anywhere in the Cleveland area, I will come to see you again!"

          -Sharon V., CLeveland, OH





"You helped us all tremendously! I can’t thank you enough for All the time you gave to us and for all of the help and for translating to us what he was saying! You are such a special and gifted person and I appreciate so much everything!!"

     -Karen S., NY

"Kayla has helped me tremendously, on many levels. First off, vital to healing is TRUST. 100% I trust Kayla‘s pure heart-felt intentions, solely motivated to help and heal all with her gifts.

And GIFTED and SKILLED she is. In these turbulent times, both on a world scale and personally, I have experienced in working with her: CLARITY, CALMNESS, STRENGTHENING, VALIDATION, SUPPORT for my own inner wisdom, and PHYSICAL HEALING. 

I feel more PEACEFUL after our sessions, both in person and distance healings. 

Her psychic HEALING ABILITIES and WISE GUIDANCE for body and soul might only be surpassed by her KIND heart. To find Kayla is to find HEALING."

     -E.G. , NY

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