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a bit about Rev. Kayla Rae.

Rev. Kayla Rae is a gifted Universal Lightworker, bringing the energies and power from many worlds to heal, guide, and help those she meets.


Since a young age, she has refined her powerful gifts to bring healing, cleansing, insight and psychic mediumship for the purpose of helping and leading those in search of

their spiritual and life paths.


In 2016, Kayla was ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement to augment her important work. Rev. Kayla Rae’s healings, readings and various life-changing gifts are tailored to the individual client– making sure each person receives the most effective and beautiful experience. She works universally via realms, dimensions, galaxies, and more–assisting experienced Spirit Workers, individuals who are new to their gifts, and those looking for relief from mental, emotional and physical issues– bringing balance, wisdom and clarity to their lives for optimal health and wellbeing.


Rev. Kayla Rae achieves this by working within light and dark realms and alongside angels, guides, spirit, and other planetary energies. She has been showcased on radio shows offering her the chance to reach out and connect with those in need of her healing gifts. Rev. Kayla Rae is also the past CFO of the R.I.F.T. Network on Blogtalk Radio.

Curious about your own gifts and intuition or your child's?  Ask Rev. Kayla Rae today about mentoring (healing, psychic, medium and more) options available just for you

Coming 2019 B.E.H. will also be offering a certificate program for the unique Energy Healing techniques developed by Rev. Kayla Rae.  Contact for more detail or to reserve your spot today.


Upcoming Events & Classes:

Meet Rev. Kayla Rae in person at the following events.  For more information on the events below, click on the image and visit the Facebook pages.  Use the Contact page if you would like to ask Rev. Kayla Rae about joining your event.

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Payments accepted via Venmo & PayPal or Cash. 

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